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is a wireless emergency alert system that allows seniors, disabled persons, or recovering patients to instantly contact an emergency response operator. If necessary, the operator will contact emergency personnel to be dispatched to your home. allows you to remain independent and secure in your own home. With battery back-up protection, you won't feel vulnerable or afraid if your electricity goes out. The system continues to operate for 20+ hours. The service is a vital part of your home-healthcare plan. Most people know someone who has experienced a situation where they could not get to a phone to access help. Most of us just don't think it could ever happen to us. With the service, you have the freedom and confidence of knowing someone is there for you at all times. Sending help. Ready to provide your important information to the emergency personnel at a moment's notice. Contacting friends and family. Providing a safety net at all times for you or loved ones.

We know how much it means to remain independent. makes sure that independence comes with safety and security.



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