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Introducing the iHelp Mini



Smart Pricing


$ 43
(billed once a month)


$ 41
(billed $125.85 every three months)


$ 39
(billed $479.40 once a year)

About the iHelp Mini

The iHelp Mini is a dependable and user-friendly device that provides medical assistance when required. It offers you and your loved ones the assurance that you can easily and rapidly contact emergency services. With a built-in 2-way microphone, you can communicate with trained emergency monitoring center operators. Its GPS tracking system ensures that you can always be found. Its compact and lightweight design allows you to carry it with you wherever you go.

Free Shipping

With subscription of Annual Plan, 3-5 business days (USPS First Class).

Fall Alarm

In the event of a fall or collision, the device will automatically send an SOS message to a nearby emergency center.


Allows for multiple Geo fences and sends alerts as the device enters or leaves a particular area.

SOS Alarm

When the SOS button is pressed, an alarm along with location details will be sent to a nearby monitoring station.

Cost Aware

Pricing to match your budgetary needs. Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual plans available.

Crystal Clear Audio

The 2-way speaker allows for both talking and listening with emergency personnel.

Low Battery Alarm

When the battery charge falls below 20% the device will emit a verbal “low battery” message.

Preset Voice Prompts

You can set voice prompts to remind yourself of important times (e.g., medication reminder).

Two-way Communication

Operates on various 4G bands, and will fall back to 3G/2G when there is no 4G coverage.

Power On/Off Alert

Voice alerts will notify you if the device is  turned off and when it is turned on.

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