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Introducing the iHelp Max


Smart Pricing


$ 49
(billed once a month)


$ 46
(billed $140.85 every three months)


$ 43
(billed $527.40 once a year)

About the iHelp Max

The iHelp Max is the best choice for a mobile personal emergency alert pendant and remote health monitoring.  The iHelp Max’s 4G wireless coverage means continual monitoring and access to help – whether you are at home or on the go. Its built-in 2-way microphone allows you to both talk and listen to highly trained emergency operators. Its GPS tracking system ensures the device wearer can be located when in use. Plus, Bluetooth technology enables real-time tracking of vital signs like blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature.

Free Shipping

With subscription of Annual Plan, 3-5 business days (USPS First Class).

Recessed Button with Braille

Reduces the likelihood of false activations.


Can sense when the device has exited or entered a pre-determined “safe” zone. Can notify your circle of care immediately.

Fall Detection*

When a fall is detected an operator is automatically notified.

Cost Aware

Pricing to match your budgetary needs. Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual plans available.

Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible

Use your voice to locate your loved one.

LED Light Ring

The LED light ring on the front of the unit changes color to indicate cell signal strength, call in progress, and charging status.

Telehealth Ready

Enables the collection and sharing of essential vital signs including, but not limited to, blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature, in real time utilizing Bluetooth technology.

Custom Voice Prompts

Geo Alert, two-way communication

Multiple Langauges

*Emergency services will know the location of your iHelp Max™ and will be dispatched if necessary and will also contact your circle of care.

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