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Enjoy peace of mind with
our Reliable Medical Alert Systems

Choosing the best medical alert system is very important, and not all medical alert systems are the same. It is crucial that you choose the system that has the features and functions that you want and need.

Medical Alert Systems

Be assured that we have specifically designed OUR medical alert systems to provide you with the quickest and easiest way to get help in an emergency.

Our systems are simple to use and are designed to have the fastest response time in the industry. However, each offers a different option for you regarding WHERE you plan to use your medical alarm – at home only, at home and outside in your yard, or at home, outside in your yard, and anywhere else you go.

Choose the system that works the best for you. If you need assistance or have additional questions, our operators are always available.

iHelp Mini

iHelp Mini
Low Profile

The iHelp Mini™ can bring you and your loved ones the peace of mind that comes from knowing emergency personnel can be reached quickly and easily if and when needed.


iHelp Max is designed with the best technology in mind. Allowing you or your loved ones to track vitals such as blood pressure, oxygen levels, and temperature in real-time using Bluetooth Technology.
Enjoy peace of mind with iHelp Max.


Our two-way voice device allows your loved one to speak directly with emergency services or a loved one through the pendant enabling them to move anywhere in and around their home.


Fall detection

24/7 Emergency Response


Wear it in the bath or shower!

Medication Reminders

Set up an alert to ensure compliance

Geo Fencing

Set alerts for Geo-fence breach

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